Barton Springs Saloon

Bar Owners

Jim LeMond

With more than 25 years of experience in the bar and restaurant business, Jim is known as "an Austin institution himself" (Texas Monthly, "State Bar," July 2003).

Beginning in 1977 as the Owner/Manager of The Cloak Room, Jim gained experience in designing and building his first successful bar, handling all management duties himself before selling the business two years later. He then spent three and a half years as General Manager of Balboa Café, supervising 55 employees and handling scheduling, inventory, payroll, and all aspects of bar and kitchen operations.

In 1983, Jim began his longtime association with The Cedar Door, itself an Austin icon. He has built a solid and loyal customer base that has followed him through four location changes.

A lifetime resident of Austin, Jim is known throughout the hospitality industry as one of the foremost bar managers in the city. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of all aspects of successful bar operations, from mixing drinks to scheduling private parties, as well as the day-to-day duties involved in running a successful bar business.

His personality and ability to deal with customers as well as employees has earned him respect and admiration among the wide range of people with whom he comes in daily contact. His natural skill at marketing has garnered publicity for The Cedar Door in such publications as The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, and of course, The Austin American Statesman and Austin Chronicle.

Now that Jim has opened another popular bar in the Austin area, his experience, know-how and reputation are making it another great success.

Rebecca LeMond

A transplanted Dallasite, Rebecca LeMond had worked for several years as an office manager for two major court reporting firms before moving to Austin to complete her undergraduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Like many UT grads, she came, she saw, she couldn’t leave.

While pursuing her degree, she worked as a bartender at Raggedy Anne’s Bar in Wells Branch, then at JW’s Place (now Anderson Mill Tavern) in Northwest Austin. She learned the front and back side of the bar business, handling payroll, federal tax reporting, TABC filings, state sales tax, and other bookkeeping duties, as well as training bartenders and wait staff.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas, Rebecca worked in Austin’s high-tech telecommunications and software sector for a number of years. In addition to running the bookkeeping side of the Saloon, she now has her own company providing bookkeeping, transcription, editing, copywriting, and tax preparation services to individuals and small businesses.

Rebecca’s skills at budgeting and money management complement Jim’s extensive bar management experience and phenomenal public relations persona. Together, they have combined their years of experience and business skills to realize their vision of a popular neighborhood bar deep in the heart of Austin.